Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Witch Who Was (2.2)

"Sabell!!! You can't just blow this off! He could be dangerous! And he said he was in the army. Obviously he has PTSD. If you don't do something, I will." Jade said rather threateningly. She was so mad that the dough she was kneading for homemade pizza so hard, she pressed it way too thin. "Chill, Jade. I'm not blowing anything off. If I was, I would eventually be forgetting about what I saw, and BTW, my vision potion was a complete success. That's why I saw what I saw." She just stared at me, looking incredulous. "Sabell, I'm not playing. Either you tell, or I will defiantly bring it up to the dean." I was getting exasperated. "Whatever, I'm just going to make me a sandwich and go to bed. I have to be up in the morning, and since Bane isn't here, I'll be walking tomorrow. I'll put together an invisibility potion so that no one messes with me. Goodnight." Saying that, I stalked to the fridge, threw together a PB&J, and stalked upstairs to my room. Once I finished the sandwich I looked up what I needed for my invisibility spell, finding that I have all the ingredients. Quickly making it, I stored it in a tube to use in the morning. Looking into my full length mirror, I decided to wear my red halter with my black skinny jeans and red high tops. Having figured all that out, I layed down, almost instantly falling asleep. That night, my dreams were a little weird. Maybe it was due to doing such a strong spell before bed that it's affects didn't wear off when they were supposed to. Instead of dreaming of Felix, however, it starred Jade, Bane, and myself, morose Jade and Bane. "I can not believe you did that! What would make you do that?! Don't I give you everything you need?!" Bane was shouting at the top of his lungs, shaking with the effort it took not to change. Jade sat on her bed, looking furious, teeth fully extended. "There is no reason to talk to me in that tone of voice, Bane. I know this looks bad, but it's not what you think!" Then I realized that there was a guy sitting on Jade's bed, shirtless. Even sitting down, he looked tall. Shaggy blond hair and blue eyes made him look like a little kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar... specifically Jade's cookie jar. His obvious paleness showed that he was another vamp. "Well then what is it Jade, because I came in here and saw him on top of you, while you guys were making out, or sucking each others blood, or whatever it is your kind does?" Bane was letting his shield down, showing how much this was really hurting him. That softened her up. "Babe, your always gone, and I get real lonely. Josh means nothing to me, just someone to hold me at night." Bane jerked, like he had gotten slapped in the face. "You mean he's stayed the night and you guys have actually done it?!" Jade looked appropriately abashed. "I never said that! Bane, relax!" I then saw myself walk in. "What is with all the screaming??? Wait, who is that Jade?!" Bane didn't even wait for her to reply, he couldn't. Screaming in rage, he leaped at Josh, changing into a panther, his preferred animal of choice. I awoke screaming when I saw blood splatter the wall, not sure who's it was.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Witch Who Was (2.1)

I tried to act like an airhead, "Well thank you, Professor Felix." I smiled, "If you would please, unlock the door. My ride has somewhere they have to be in a few minutes, so I really have to leave now or I will have to walk home." He smiled (and his smile was hungry. "Well then, I will make sure you get a ride. Want to play a game, Miss Vivian.? It's called 'Teacher Says.' It's a lot like 'Simon Says' but I don't know a Simon." I saw in his mind exactly what he would have me do. "I would like to, really, but I seriously have to go. Jade is waiting for me." He pretended to look sad. "You don't even want to know the rules? The game would be considered extra credit." He smiled his smile again. "The game is very simple, Miss Vivian. I say 'Felix says' and you do what I say. If I don't say 'Felix says', then you simply have to take off one article of clothing. Sounds fun, don't it." I tried to keep the disgusted look off of my face, but I don't think I did a good job. "Actually, Professor, that's a horrible idea. Now I suggest you let me out. Jade will be looking for me by now." I stood up, waiting for him to go unlock the door. When he didn't, I started to worry. "Well then, lets take this game to my office. It's rather... sound proof, in there." He went to grab me, but I lashed out my foot. I got him square in the jaw, but he didn't even seem fazed. "That happens when you were in the army." He said, smiling again. This time he grabbed me easily, and carried me to his office, which he locked. trying to fight him off, my hand came down directly in front of me, knocking over the bowl of water and bringing me out of the vision. It took me a minute to settle myself down, to remember that it hadn't really happened. Then it hit me: if his lesson had gone a little quicker, that would have been my reality. I hear the downstairs door open, and I jumped. "I'm home!" I heard Jade yell. Her coming home made me realize just how late it was. I sighed with relief and disbelief, and started cleaning up my spell. When I was finished, I went downstairs to help Jade make dinner. I hadn't eaten in awhile. She was actually surprised to see me up, and instead of explaining to her what happened, I showed her the images. As she saw what I saw, she turned paler, and her eyes darkened. "I could go and kill him right now. I should..." She looked over at me shaking my head so fast I couldn't see."No, you can't kill him. He's the best teacher I have, even if he want's to rape me. All I have to do is not be alone with him. It'll be easy. Actually, I'm half tempted to go back and finish watching what would happen."

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Witch Who Was (1.3)

I used these flowers because I want to see what Felix was going to say when the bell rung. All of these were to make a seeing mirror. I grabbed a piece of his hair that I had snatched of his head when he was bringing me my test, I poured water into a bowl, and I grabbed the cauldron, the flowers, a lighter, and a potato masher. I placed the flowers into my "cauldron" and mashed them up. I grabbed the lighter and lit them on fire to make them into ash. Murmuring blessed be and a spell for sight, I poured the ash into the water and stirred it up. I closed my eyes and took three deep breaths and glanced into the bowl. Almost immediately an image of Felix popped up. He was in the middle of the lecture that he had been given. "Do you ever get urges? Urges to do something normal, or do something crazy? Like to really want that last slice of pizza?" Felix looked right at me, "Trust me," but instead of getting cut off by the bell, he continued. "Not all urges are good for everyone. Everyone can leave, but I would like Sabell to stay a moment. See you all Wednesday." Everyone quickly rose and exited the class. Proffessor Felix quickly went to the door after everyone left and locked it. I was sooo confused on what he was doing. "Sabell, I'm sure you've noticed me 'checking you out' (he did air quotes around the phrase). I want you to know, that I think you're so beautiful." As he was talking, he was slowly stalking forward. There is no other way to describe the way he walked forward.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Witch Who Was (1.2)

I shook my head as though I had come out of a dream. "I said that I don't like the fact that Bane when to Artic to touch a bunch of predators! He could get hurt!" I just smiled. "that's what you said when he went to Africa! what are you going to do when he finally goes to the Amazon or the outbacks to become a koala bear?" She glared at me, making me laugh... until we got in the car and she started driving. She wasn't even out of the parking lot before she reached 60! "Hey just because your nearly indestructible does not mean i am!" I practically shouted. She laughed and hit the gas harder. "You know I got to get you home before my next class." Not only was she speeding, but she was sending out images of a blue sedan going 50 so that we wouldn't get caught. "Ya well you don't have to go 130 miles! We live real close to Baker! I could walk if it wasn't for the fact that you too scared to let me go by myself." At this, she growled. "Your so short, and your magic's not good without your candles. Someone could hurt you." Her expression was fierce, and not that I would tell her in a million years, scary. We couldn't say more because we were already home. I quickly got out while she sped away, back to Baker. I looked at the woods that lead to the house and sighed. The only thing that made it easier to get through the 3 1/2 miles was that when we mixed blood, I got some of her speed, where as her power in thought projecting became less selective and easier to do with crowds. The trip didn't take as long as it would have before, so I was at the house in 20 minutes. The outside was a very bright green (Jade loves decorating in bright colors) with orange shutters. Its a 3 story house, 2 floors and an attic. When you walk through the door (black, surprisingly) you are immediately attacked by pink. The whole first floor is pink. The second floor is blue, and the attic got splattered with left over paint. Jade and I lived on the 2nd floor, Bane in the attic. It was almost 11 at night, and I didn't have anything besides reading chapter 6 for Human Sciences, and I didn't have that class again for a couple days... So it was time to experiment with potions. I do wish Bane was here, because Jade was right; my magic didn't usually work outside of candles. I've only been trying to expand to potions and spells for about a month, and it often explodes. I was raised with my mostly human aunt (my dad was half witch, Grandpa was none.) who only could use candle magic, because it's easier to use and requires little to no magic. My mother carries the magic through the women in the family, so it was more like she was 200% witch. If I had been a boy, I probably wouldn't have much magic. I was walking rather slow to my room on the 2nd floor; running had tired me out. When I reached my blood red splattered door (it was actual blood, from myself and 12 other women in the family.) The only way to protect a witch is to use family blood (figuratively or real) to write the sacred runes on the door of the witch you're trying to protect. 13 is the magic number for witches. I took 3 deep breathes, traced over my personal rune murmuring blessed be and opened the door. It was the combination of my voice, motion, rune, and magic that aloud the door to open. If another witch had attempted to enter, they would instantly turn to ash. Any one else would just not be able to get in. My room was guarded so heavily because I keep My Tools in there along with My Witch Clothes, fabric to fix them if needed, more tools, and candles. Thousands of candles of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Recently, I molded a "cauldron" out of candle wax from some candles that I had soaked under a blue moon (no the wax doesn't remelt. That's why I chose the blue moon), and herbs and other ingredients that I had attained. I also got books, at least 20 or so on my floor. The only normal thing was the king size bed that was pushed off in the corner. It had a huge purple silk blanket with at least 5 colorful silk pillows. I went to get the "cauldron" and a few flowers. I grabbed Bachelor Button for promise, White Chrysanthemum for truth, Crocus for foresight, Peony for healing, and Poppy's for consolation.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Witch Who Was (Part 1.1)

"Do you ever get urges? Urges to do something normal, or do something crazy? Like to really want that last slice of pizza?" Felix looked right at me, "Trust me..." *RING* Everyone jumped; we were so absorbed into Professor Felix's speech, it took us a moment to figure out what the noise was. "Don't forget to read chapter 6 tonight!" Professor Felix yelled as we nosily rose. I was heading home, while others were heading to their next class. Human Sciences was always the most interesting of my classes. "Sabell! Wait UP!" my closest friend, Jade Foxx, hollered after me as I hurried across the parking lot. I stopped, waiting for her to catch up. Unlike me, she had another class. It was 10 at night, but that was best for her, seeing as how shes a vampire. Right now, with the sun long gone, she looks gorgeous. Her long curly black hair, that reached to her waist, didn't match her pale skin. Her eyes are huge and very green. She is almost 6 foot and rather slim, due to mostly liquid diet. If the sun was up, she would be hideous. Her hair basically falls off and her features twist. She grows claws and all her teeth sharpen. She also hunches over, like she has a heavy burden on her back. Basically she looks like a horror story. Surprisingly, most vampires are named for jewels. Her mother (Yes, her biological mother! Vampires can have kids too.) named her for her green eyes. Jade finally caught up, but was giggling, trying to cover her full lips. She sent a "mind message" to me. "Professor 'Fine' Felix is staring at you... again!!!" I could hear her laughter as her voice filled my head. She has some pretty weird talents, but i have my own. My talent is the exact opposite of hers. She can put thoughts into peoples heads, and I can take them out. I focused on him, and all he was thinking about was how I looked, like he had everyday this past week. (I should prbably mention that my name is Sabell Vivian.) In his mind, I could see how I looked to him: Fiery straight red hair that only came to my shoulders. (It matches my personality nicely.) I had pale skin, but it seemed to glow. He saw my eyes, a sharp gray, that doesn't usually belong to a red head, that often seemed to change shades with the light. I was standing tall; figuratively anyways. In real life I am only 4'9", an abnormality in my family, as well as my race. Most witches are at least 6'2". "Geez," I mumbled to Jade as we walked across the parking lot to her shocking purple Porsche, a 968 Cabriolet. It was a beauty of a car, and seemingly safe... Until Jade was behind the wheel. She drives amazingly fast. "If he gets anymore observant of me, I'll have to spell him!" I shook my head. Jade and I are 'blood sisters' so i was able to put images into her head too. I showed her what i had observed. "Dang! To bad he is so fine and sexy! I would love to be getting that kind of attention!" Her expression was soo gushy, I had to laugh. "Girl, what do you think you got Bane for?!" She laughed with me. Bane Paxton was her shape shifter (surprise!) boyfriend. He is almost 7 foot, with big muscles from running when he is an animal. His eyes are such a light shade of blue. His short blond hair symbolizes what color his fur usually is. Being a shape shifter he can be any single animal that he has touched, but he can also control how far into the change he goes. He could look like a human with fins and gills! (Mermaids are really just shape shifters.) Seeing as how Jades car was on the other side of the college, I let my mind wander through others, noticing once again how everyone stared at us with a mixture of awe and fear. "Sab! Did you hear me?!" Jade interrupted my snooping.